Full-Text Guidelines

Please click here to download the TURKISH guidelines

Please click here to download the ENGLISH guidelines

  • Deadline for Full-Text Submission to AGANFOS-2019 is 28 June 2019.
  • The official language of the AgAnFoS-2019 is English.
  • Authors must upload their abstracts in English and also prepare their poster or powerpoint presentations in English (but they can speak in Turkish on the stage during presentation).
  • Full text language can be English* or Turkish (in this case English abstract must be included to text).
  • Full-text papers which prepared according to guidelines above can send by e-mail to “aganfos2019@gmail.com” with “abstract ref. numbers”.
  • * Selected full texts which prepared in English will also be published in “Journal of Erciyes Agriculture and Animal Sciences” and “Journal of Animal Science and Products” after the conference.

AgAnFoS®2019 Proceedings

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